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Welcome to My Bookshop

A new platform for selling books has launched onto the UK market just in time for Christmas and Lockdown 2.0. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to This is a site with an innovative strategy and the lofty aim of taking on The Evil Empire that is Amazon (gasp!). 75% of profits generated on are shared out to independent bookshops, publications, authors and other influencers who make up the thriving book industry. Learn more about their ethos here.

I have set up a shop and have included several lists of recommended books. When a purchase is made via my lists, I receive a small percentage of the profit. I have started with two lists: If you liked The Girl from the Hermitage, you might like..... and a list of books I used in my research. And you can be sure a Favourite Reads of 2020 will follow in due course.

You can browse my shop here

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