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And Now a Panel Discussion of Debut Authors

I am a member of the Debut Author 2020 Facebook group. There are about 50 authors in the group and as the name suggests, we all have books being published in 2020. Due to COVID, most of us are launching our books in very different ways than we originally planned. Many have had promotional plans cancelled and launch dates postponed. The group has been very supportive throughout the COVID crisis and I am very glad to be part of it.

In an effort of finding new ways to promote our books and launch them into the world, we have organised panel discussions for The Motherload Bookclub Facebook group. I’m not sure about my fellow panellists but this was the first time I participated in such a discussion. I think it went ok but I really should scowl less, it is giving me wrinkles.

There are some great books here. I’ve already downloaded one of them. For a complete list of Debut 2020 books, have a look at my first blog post “Books in the Time of Corona”.

If you missed the original airing, you can watch the discussion here:

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